To Whom it May Concern:

Early in 2015 Fisher Island Community Association allowed Organic solutions to conduct an on-site pilot program at our premier buildings to demonstrate how their “Fertigation” system might improve the chronically challenged horticultural environment of our ocean island location.

The task of maintaining our lush, tropical ambiance at a level of quality expected of island residents represented an unsustainably demanding burden on the island’s ecology and the surrounding environment.

The goal of Organic Solution’s demonstration was to mitigate the nutritional imbalances caused by excessive salt and nutrient-deficient soil with an efficiently metered system of nutritional irrigation.

Their proposal sounded reasonable enough, so we engaged their services for six months in order to witness its application in our uniquely demanding environment.

We can honestly say the results have been gratifying enough to sign them on to install their Fertigation systems throughout the island with a regular annual contract.

Based on our experience, Organic Solutions’ visual and cost effective success represents a breakthrough in maintaining a sustainable balance of landscape maintenance with environmental considerations. We therefore highly recommend their services.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Mike Morel

Director of Horticulture
Fisher Island Community Association