Fertigation is the application of nutrients and amendments to a landscape through an existing irrigation/sprinkler system creating a healthy and sustainable landscape by saving water, fertilizer and pesticides.

The slow and steady release of nutrients results in stronger, deeper roots. By developing a deeper, denser root system, plants are able to store more fertilizer and moisture, and are less susceptible to drought and disease.

This results in increased water and energy conservation and in reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Since smaller amounts of fertilizer are applied and readily absorbed, combined with the use of organics, there is virtually no run-off that can pollute ground water.

All of this results in big financial savings while enhancing the environmental performance of a landscape and providing a better, healthier and safer alternative to applying fertilizer products, which include organic and environmentally friendly fertilizers to a landscape.

Organic Solutions is committed to a science-based approach to building healthy soils and plants.