Frequently Asked Questions

Does your service cost more than conventional methods of fertilizing with harsh synthetic chemicals?

No. Typically, organic-based nutrients and amendments are more costly than synthetic fertilizers and require more frequent applications. However, through our unique application method (the use of fertigation) allows us to reduce labor costs whereby remaining very competitively priced.

Who is responsible for maintaining the OS fertigation system?

Organic Solutions fully warrants the proper operation of the fertigation system during the life of the Program.

What is fertigation?

Based upon the individual properties’ needs, we inject our own private-labeled organic-based nutrient formulas into the customer’s existing irrigation system to create a healthier and stronger landscape.

How do I get started with the Organic Solutions Advanced Landscape Health Program?

It’s easy! Just call us at 772-419-8141 or email us at for a no obligation assessment of your property. OS will prepare a customized landscape health plan, including a technical soil analysis, and will provide organic-based amendment recommendations. A technician then installs the OS fertigation equipment, with amendments specific to your landscape needs.

What happens if the fertigation system does not operate properly?

Organic Solutions fully warrants the proper operation of the fertigation system during the life of the Program.

What are the benefits of liquid organic based amendments?

Organic Solutions products are generated using our proprietary blend of plant-proteins and simple carbon sources which are converted into microbial by-products and humid substances through our enzymatic process of biological transformation. Our products contain a rich source of organic molecules that mimic nature’s delivery system to chelate minerals and solubilize locked-up soil nutrients to improve uptake by roots and foliar application. OS products maintain solubility long after application is made, improving the soil’s Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). Additionally Os products provide specialized enzymes which break down water molecules allowing the release of oxygen to support beneficial aerobic microbes that thrive in water and in soil. This action reduces disease-causing anaerobic conditions which harm delicate plant roots.

How does the OS proprietary organic-based fertilization improve soil?

Traditional synthetic-based fertilizers are petroleum-based and therefore a source of pollution and often result in soil sterilization and compaction. Granular fertilizers are designed to be “slow release” and dissolve over time. As a result they are poorly absorbed into soil and plants and tend to wash away creating “run-off” into our bodies of water. Liquid organic-based amendments are efficiently applied and readily absorbed into the soil and plant material.

What are benefits of fertigation?

Precise micro-dosing through fertigation is a far more efficient method of fertilizer application than manual application of fertilizers. Traditional fertilizing results in a low product absorption, with a great amount of run-off. Organic Solutions eco-friendly pest control products and services in Stuart, FLConstant micro application of organic based nutrients increases soil health, plant health and reduces potential insect infestation and disease. Traditional petroleum based fertilizers are synthetic and are energy-intensive to produce and a source of pollution. Granular fertilizers are subject to run off and are poorly absorbed into soil and plants. The reduction or elimination of synthetic and granular fertilizers reduce pollutants entering our waterways and coastal zones. Liquid organic-based amendments are efficiently applied and readily absorbed into the soil and plants.

Are amendments safe?

Organic-based amendments and pest repellents are non toxic to people and pets. Organic-based fertigation also presents fewer environmental concerns than synthetic fertilizers, which have petroleum elements that pollute our water system. All of the products are formulated for zero toxicity and are subject to microbial or environmental breakdown once applied.

Why organic-based amendments, instead of chemical products?

Organic fertilizers (amendments) are materials derived from either plant or animal products. Organic-based amendments have a higher absorption rate, meaning more nutrients are absorbed by plants and soil. OS products are university and field-tested and are proven to provide a safe yet dynamic alternative to environmentally harmful chemicals. The products are available in easy-to-use concentrated form that may be applied in a variety of ways. Most of the fertilizers on the market today are based on old technology from an age that ignores the benefits of building healthy, living soil. OS products, on the other hand are designed to enhance the life beneath our feet. This results in a more balanced pro-biological growing environment for all plants, crops and turf.

What is the advantage of fertigation vs. traditional fertilization?

Healthier plants: Fertigation systems provide continuous feeding of nutrients at levels that encourage optimal plant growth to achieve maximum sustainability. The slow and steady release of nutrients can result in healthier and hardier plants and turf that are less susceptible to drought and disease. Less Fertilizer Waste: Nutrients are immediately available to plants and turf in quantities that they need therefore less fertilizer is necessary. Reduced Run-Off: Since smaller amounts of fertilizer are applied and readily absorbed, combined with the use of organics, there is virtually no run-off. Continues Supply of Nutrients: Allows plants to develop a stronger root system. Stronger Root Systems: Keeps plants and turf green and healthy using less water resulting in water savings.

Does the Program benefit all landscapes?

An Organic Solutions fertigation system is ideal for any type of landscape. This includes residential, commercial, and municipal settings and will work perfectly for your home lawn or for homeowners associations looking for environmentally and economically friendly solutions for neighborhood common areas. The system is also ideal for business storefront locations, business complexes or campuses or for resorts and hotels. In the municipal setting: government building locations, community parks, and sports fields also greatly benefit from having an Organic Solutions fertigation system installed.