Each project presents its own set of special challenges, but also gives us the opportunity to create something magnificent. The De La Vega family were previous clients of ours and loved our work so much that they hired us again.

The family wanted a more tropical setting around their new home located in Boca Raton, FL. We had extremely limited space for our equipment and had to design a setting that was not only inviting, but functional. Because of very tight spaces around the home, we took our time navigating to avoid damaging any of the existing materials.

This home had brick paver paths spanning down both sides, and left a large portion of the property under utilized and wasted. The owner wanted a tropical setting and while the pavers were clean, they did not provide the look and feel the owner wanted. Check out the before photos below.

The first step was to remove and re-purpose the entire path of pavers by hand. We also removed large black bamboo trees by hand as the root balls had grown around the under ground utilities. Removing these required the highest level of care in order to avoid damage to the utility pipes. Included in this project were several different unique specimens of palms and hardwood trees, some very large and difficult to maneuver through the limited space we had. We also had to take care not to damage the travertine tile placed around the entire back patio. The home had natural stone in the flower beds which we re-purposed for the new paths going around each side. All corners of the home and yard were updated with tropical plants and palms.   

To finish off this incredible project, we add a full lighting package from Coastal Source, including a 32,000 lumen LED light custom made in Germany and positioned to light up the entire lake behind the home. The lighting added a nice warm glow to the entire property and highlighted the tropical landscaping features.

Every project is a unique opportunity to create something beautiful for our clients to enjoy. The De La Vega family was very happy with the results, but even more happy they now have a landscape built to last.